About Us

Our Philosophy:
You get enough grief at work; there's enough on your plate at home. You don't need a hobby where you aren't having fun. So, we make dancing fun! We teach all levels, from beginners through competition and performance classes. Our classes are designed to get the beginning dancer up & dancing quickly.  We concentrate on both the technique one needs to execute the moves, and the steps themselves, all while keeping the atmosphere light.  We recognize that learning something new can be intimidating, so we strive to ensure that it is fun, and to find ways to explain and demonstrate that clearly transmit the information in ways our students enjoy and readily understand.  Our students consistently agree that we make dancing fun and tell us that thanks to us, they learned more, in a shorter period of time, than they ever thought they could.

Our Credentials:
We've been dancing/teaching in the Washington DC area since 1989, but each of us had been dancing before that. Ellen helped found her college dance team. Marc, meanwhile, learned to waltz from his mother while still in elementary school. We have taught on four continents and won championships from Virginia to Australia.

Some of our clients include:

Kennedy Center Smithsonian Institution International Monetary Fund
US Naval Academy ABC, NBC, CBS WWII Memorial Dedication Committee
Commemorative Air Force The Homestead National Geographic's Explorer

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